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Welcome to the eagerly anticipated third installment of our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide. In this edition, we hope to bring you on a delightful journey into the enchanting world of clothes and toys for mom and dad to have on hand in anticipation of baby. As we dive in, we understand that we just happen to love the most adorable and comfortable outfits, and surrounding them with captivating toys is an important way to nurture their early development. From snuggly onesies that wrap the baby in love to ingenious toys that stimulate their senses and curiosity, we’ve curated a selection that balances both practicality and wonder.

Join us in exploring these perfect gifts that celebrate the innocence and exuberance of infancy, making your contribution to their world truly unforgettable.



Steiff My First Teddy Bear

Introduced by Steiff in 1902, the Teddy Bear has an illustrious history, which is reflected in this My First Teddy Bear’s classic design. Crafted from ultra-soft materials that are gentle on delicate baby skin, this bear undergoes rigorous safety testing to meet U.S. and European standards. Its facial features are meticulously embroidered, and each bear is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans, complete with the iconic “My First Steiff” embroidery on the paw pad and the signature stainless steel “Button in Ear.” Available in cream, pink, and blue, these pastel bears not only complement nursery decor but also serve as a cherished gift, inspiring a lasting family tradition that can be passed down for generations.

Steiff Security Blankets

These adorable security blankets measure 10 inches and are made of the softest plush. The comforter is designed for baby-soft skin with the wonderfully fuzzy donkey head, embroidered eyes, cuddly ears, and a cozy scarf with diagonal stripes. Like all Steiff products, these proudly wear the world-famous “Button in Ear” trademark, a symbol of the highest quality and safety.

Steiff Jimmy Teddy Bear Musical Pull Toy

Presenting Jimmy, a beloved Teddy bear design by Steiff, now reimagined with a focus on baby-friendly styles. The musical variant of Jimmy features a gentle lullaby activated by pulling a string, making it an ideal crib attachment for babies. With rigorous safety testing for ages 0 and up, Jimmy is crafted from plush blonde fabric, ensuring luxurious softness. This makes Jimmy the ultimate baby shower gift suitable for all infants.


VTech® Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Sit, crawl, walk — the milestones keep coming, and we’re here for the journey! When the baby gets ready to walk, you’ll want stability and speed control. This toy has both. A wide base and two wheel speeds give you peace of mind and help your baby feel confident taking their first steps, on bare floors or carpets.

Sit on the floor to play with the removable activity panel, or bring it along on a car ride. There’s so much to discover! Hear music and first words about colors with five light-up piano keys. Babies can spin gears and rollers, press piano keys and pick up and carry a play phone, helping their little hands and fingers get stronger. Put shapes into their slots to explore shapes and numbers. When your little one is ready to walk, place the panel back on the walker, and here we go! The chunky handle is easy to grab, and the motion sensor rewards the baby’s steps with playful music.

Get in stride with an interactive activity walker that’s tough enough for years of play.


Miniland Soft Rattle Cubes Set

The Miniland Soft Rattle Cubes are a delightful and interactive set of baby toys designed to captivate young minds. With their vibrant multicolored designs and gentle rattling sounds, these cubes engage babies’ senses while promoting sensory and motor skill development. These soft rattle cubes provide a charming way for babies to explore textures, colors, and sounds as they grasp, shake, and play with these engaging toys.

Miniland Sensorial Reef

Engaging a baby’s senses is both enjoyable and advantageous, as they delight in touching, biting, observing, and listening to the gentle coral reef environment. This soft coral reef not only provides entertainment but also fosters developmental progress, encouraging exploration of its hidden features and interaction with the detachable baby octopus rattle and serves as an exceptional developmental hub for a baby’s formative years.

Miniland Sensory Balls

The Miniland Sensory Balls are a captivating and educational toy designed to engage young minds. With their vibrant colors, various textures, and intriguing shapes, these sensory balls stimulate tactile exploration and promote sensory development in toddlers. These offer a valuable opportunity for children to enhance their motor skills and cognitive abilities while having fun through tactile play.

dena Pastel Rainbow Small

Great for little hands to learn motor skills while, helping them learn their colors. Soft enough to teeth on, Dena toys are manufactured with platinum silicone, which is BPA-free, PVC Free, Latex Free, Phthalate Free and 100% safe. Platinum silicone is a soft material that feels great to babies and kids.

Available at Just Shoes for Kids

Petit Collage

Petit Collage butterfly Wooden Shaker

Shake, shake, shake with this bright and colorful Butterfly Wooden Shaker rattle toy! Designed to encourage little ones to explore and strengthen their fine motor skills, this beautiful wooden shaker rattle toy with a butterfly theme is made from responsibly-sourced FSC wood and packaged using 75% recycled materials, made with the health of children and the planet in mind.

A treasured first toy for baby.

Petit Collage Wooden Milestone Baby Blocks

Today I’m this old! Commemorate the milestones of your growing child with these delightful Wooden Baby Milestone Blocks from Petit Collage.

  • Mark your baby’s growth in days, weeks, months and years
  • Includes 5 photograph prop blocks
  • Made from FSC beech wood
  • Reusable packaging that is also recyclable

Set up the numbered blocks and snap a pic with your little one to create keepsake photos.

Petit Collage Little Elephant Baby Gift Set

Perfect for any baby, this eco-friendly Little Elephant Gift Set from Petit Collage contains the essentials a new mom needs for her burping, teething bundle of joy.

The set contains an organic cotton and FSC beech wood teether, a soft organic cotton burp cloth, and a board book. It’s a perfect baby shower gift for a new mom, all packaged together and ready to give, and is designed for newborns and ages 0+.

Petit Collage Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Travel Set

Get ready for baby’s first adventure with this Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Travel Set! The perfect gift for a jet-setting new family, it features sweet animal and travel-themed illustrations.

An adorable way to keep those precious travel belongings safe and organized. Made of durable canvas this adorable set will withstand years of travel. Featuring sweet animal and travel-themed illustrations that are perfect for your little one’s first adventure.


Fruit Colors Learning Smoothie

Take a smoothie break while your little one explores the Fruit Colors Learning Smoothie™! Learning is delicious with this cute, colorful cup. Swivel the straw to choose from five fruit flavors, and the cup will change color to match — this smoothie is bananas! Meet Crystal the Cup plus five funny fruits like Sherry Strawberry and Oliver Orange who introduce themselves and their colors. The straw is also a teething toy for kids to nibble as they listen to fruit-themed sing-along songs and music in reggae, pop, punk rock, and country styles. Shake up the toy smoothie cup to hear the bubble beads bounce.

Inklings Baby

Inklings Jaffy the Giraffe Jingle Jangle Activity Rattle

This loveable rattle presents an ideal blend of plush comfort and engaging rattling sounds. As you shake it, the colorful beads produce delightful noises. Its ergonomic design ensures easy gripping, featuring a captivating mix of multi-colored giraffe print, bold black graphics, and the distinctive “inklings eyes.” A versatile companion for both travel and home settings.

The Jaffy Jingle Jangle guarantees some moments of engagement for your baby, allowing you to steal a few calming breaths.

  • Available at Inklings Baby
  • Use code: BABYSHOWER20 for 20% off at checkout

Ollie the Oddball Oddbird Rocket Ship Musical Pull Activity Toy

Embark on an interstellar journey with our Ollie Rocket Ship Musical Pull Toy — a captivating companion for your baby. Pull the textured teether to trigger a delightful musical rhyme that’s bound to make any baby dance along. Whether on the move or at home, this vividly colored toy offers excitement. Houston, we’ve got a winner!

Inklings, a brand led by a majority of women and LGBTQ individuals, crafts vibrant and unconventional toys and infant novels cherished by both children and mothers for their meaningful values.

  • Available at Inklings Baby
  • Use code: BABYSHOWER20 for 20% off at checkout

Rainbow Wobby Soft Toy & Infant Novel Set

Embark on a vibrant journey of self-discovery with Wobby & Billy, as they unveil the significance of embracing one’s true self. This tale beautifully portrays the role of unconditional love and support in friendship and the lives of those close to us. Through rhythmic prose and vivid pop art illustrations, Billy assists Wobby in uncovering their inner rainbow, proudly displaying it to the world.

Meet this exceptional stuffed toy with its unique features — a cuddly body for snugness, a soft burlap belly, strikingly patterned ears, and floppy arms. An immediate companion for all adventures, destined to become an instant best friend.

  • Available at Inklings Baby
  • Use code: BABYSHOWER20 for 20% off at checkout

For Brother & Sister

(so they don’t feel left out)


Clixo is a first-of-its-kind, multi-sensory, magnetic building toy that can be built in both 2D and 3D unlocking everyone’s imagination and creativity. The flexible pieces combine the magic of origami with the power of magnets to let kids build an infinite number of creations. With its stackable packing design and magnets keeping the pieces together with a click, Clixo is the perfect toy for kids — it’s mess-free, screen-free, and lets them explore creativity anywhere!

Carrera Mario

Children as young as 3 years old can now grab the controls and speed around this kid-friendly racetrack! Race with your favorite characters Mario and Yoshi from the Mario Kart™ video game series. Each Carrera FIRST slot car racing track set features a fun-themed setting on a track built around their favorite TV show, movie, or video game characters. Your child will find staying on the track easy with the electronically regulated speed controllers allowing them to race non-stop in head-to-head action against their friends or siblings.

This Carrera FIRST set comes in a scale of 1:50 and is a great introduction to the fast and exciting world of slot car racing. The 7.87-ft. long racetrack runs on 4 type “C” batteries (not included) and is easy to assemble or disassemble for moving from one room to another or taking it with you on the go. Children will enjoy countless hours of fun racing their cars around the track and competing for a first-place finish! This track set also includes spinners placed on the track for even more excitement driving through them as you race around the track.


Hope&Plum Flower Power Ring Sling

Crafted from premium, airy textiles that caress your baby’s sensitive skin, our ring slings offer an ideal fusion of coziness and stability for you. Be it a busy day of tasks, a leisurely park promenade, or quiet moments of cuddling with your little bundle, these ring slings ensure mutual comfort and safety throughout.

Slings are available in short, mid, long and extra-long with your choice of ring colors.

The Hope& Plum Flower Power Ring Sling is our fave. Why? Because it features daisies on a light blue background that reminds us of new growth! This print is perfect for those who love a retro 70s floral look and will surely be a hit with parents and babies alike. This ring sling is made with our famous hemp blend fabric for the perfect softness and support!

Feltman Brothers

Baby Neutral White Pointelle Wrap Set with Hat

A timeless, vintage-style knit set for your baby. This white 3-piece set features a classic pointelle design for an heirloom style — great as a take-me-home outfit, gift set, or for special occasions.

Experience ultimate convenience with separate top and pants openings down the side for quick changes. Keep your baby’s toes snug with adorable footies, and complete the timeless ensemble with a matching knit bonnet. Please note, the matching blanket is not included but can be acquired separately.

Ribbed Knit Gift Set

Simplicity and convenience is the name of the game for new parents. There’s no time to try and find a hat that matches the romper that matches the blanket so make it easy for them with this all-in-one gift. This set includes all three wrapped up with a bow — all tied up in an adorable knit gift bag. Hey, who said gifting had to be hard? Available in ecru, mauve or vintage blue.

Spearmint Love

Spearmint Love

As the go-to platform for the latest trends in baby fashion, SpearmintLOVE is the baby shop for all of those special moments in baby’s first year of life. New parents can trust why moms, dads, friends, and grandparents consider SpearmintLOVE as the best baby shop.

Plus, it’s one of the few places where I’ve found edgy BLACK newborn and baby clothes like kimonos and rompers. It’s easy to get addicted to shopping at Spearmint Love.

Wild Acorn

Wild Acorn

Discover the epitome of comfort in Wild Acorn bamboo Baby Bundlers, functioning as the coziest wearable blanket that ensures your baby’s feet stay snug and toasty. Engineered for maternal ease, the ingenious snap technology allows effortless flipping for diaper changes. Crafted from breathable fabric, this design caters to sensitive skin, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure slumber. With no buttons or tags, these Baby Bundler embodies the essence of dream-like comfort.

Indulge them in optimal sleep and ultimate cuddles with our bamboo Footie Pajamas. Crafted from soft and flexible bamboo fabric, this one-piece zipper pajama guarantees comfort and breathability for sensitive skin. Ideal for year-round wear, the fabric ensures warmth during winter and coolness in summer, while the double zipper design allows hassle-free 2 AM diaper changes, eliminating the need for snaps, buttons, or tags.



When you want baby (and child) to be the coolest kid on the block, Rags is where you’ll be shopping. Actually, the goal of Rags is to be more than a cool clothing line and a cool brand. They hope to inspire moms, and future moms, to not sweat the small stuff, live in the moment, keep perspective, and follow their dreams. You only have one life to live, enjoy it!

With graffiti patterns, large checks, verticle stripes, and more, you may just fall in love with their rompers and separates.

Nantucket Kids

Nantucket Kids

They’ll listen for the call of the whales in this Nantucket Baby Humpback Whales romper. Hailing from a coastal Massachusetts town, Nantucket Kids has masterfully combined New England’s preppy aesthetic with the charm of the southern tradition in our collection of classic, opulent childrenswear.

Don’t forget to pick up a matching bib as well!

Their philosophy revolves around adorning children in age-appropriate attire that embodies both style and comfort. Each piece is meticulously crafted using premium fabrics, featuring hand smocking and embroidery to ensure your children’s impeccable appearance and comfort, all while offering the convenience of machine washability. With a range, including jon jons and signature bonnets, Nantucket Kids continues the enduring allure of timeless childrenswear that has transcended generations.

Dear Hayden

Dear Hayden Knit Romper in Sandcastle

Experience the ultimate ease with this knit romper, an all-in-one outfit that guarantees a shower of compliments. Crafted with a cozy rib knit stitch, this romper embraces unhindered movement for crawling, running, and playtime. The concealed magnetic fastening, extending from neck to crotch, ensures swift and effortless changes, while charming faux wood buttons add a touch of sophistication. Available in Ginger, Sandcastle, Stormy Blue, Dusty Rose, and Mossy Green, this romper’s Magnetic Closure Technology, along with its soft 100% Organic Cotton Yarn, showcases the embodiment of comfort and style. Made with care in Portugal, this soft and stretchy rib-knit attire exemplifies both practicality and charm.

Dear Hayden Tencel Lyocell Footy Pajamas in Playground

Indulge in the exquisite, silky comfort of our sustainable footy pajamas — a true dream come true. We’ve opted for the opulent Tencel Lyocell fabric, renowned for its sustainability. Derived from wood pulp, particularly eucalyptus, from eco-friendly tree farms, this material is produced through a closed-loop process that recycles solvents and water, minimizing waste. Notably breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking, Tencel Lyocell is the ideal choice for delicate baby skin. Plus, you can also find these pajamas as a matching set, perfect for sibling twinning moments.

Dear Hayden is a newly launched baby & children’s wear label focused on sustainability and beautiful function. Founded in late 2022 by Chicago native Nicole Reilly, Dear Hayden uses organic cotton sourced from Portugal and Italy as well as intuitive details such as hidden sewn-in magnetic closures. From footy pajamas to knit rompers, Dear Hayden has an earthy, understated color palette favored by discerning micro-fashion consumers.

Ojala Threads

Ojala Threads Chacabana Bodysuit

Ojala Threads’ Chacabana bodysuit is a love letter to grandfathers. The premium cotton and spandex blend is softer to the touch. Flexible shoulders make for easy removal, even during the most difficult clean-up sessions. Generous sizing* fits curvier babies better, because shopping for a baby shouldn’t be a guessing game! Water-based non-toxic ink makes this hand-printed design pop! While strong lead-free snaps move with your baby.

Ojala Threads Atabey Velon

While you’re there shopping you’ll want to pick up some Big Package Energy. Ojala Threads Atabey Velon marries the ancestral reverence for the goddess Atabey and the modern practice of candle magic. They have sourced these velones (candles) from Original Botanica located in the Bronx. Each is made in the Dominican Republic and infused with magic activated by your faith. Big Package Energy (Red): Channels love, sexual energy, and dominant feelings. Recommended for those seeking love, or passionate enhancement.



‘My Ace’ is pediped’s latest product collaboration designed by Malika Haqq and inspired by her son Ace. Three all-new styles, featuring fun-loving designs and positive affirmations, just in time to celebrate his BIG 3! Plus, they come in sizes for 3 ages

  • Newborn
  • Toddler
  • Kids

Pick up one for baby and one for their bigger sibling, they’ll love to match.

  • Available at pediped

When selecting the perfect gift for an upcoming baby shower, consider items that combine both practicality and thoughtfulness. Opt for essentials that cater to the baby’s needs while reflecting the parents’ style and preferences. From versatile clothing crafted from gentle, sustainable materials to innovative gadgets that simplify parenting, the best baby shower gifts are those that bring joy, comfort, and convenience to both the baby and the new parents.



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