Refined and Rugged: Gifts for the Versatile Dad

Zippy Sandler
5 min readJun 4, 2024


This Father’s Day, honor the dad who effortlessly balances sophistication with a rugged edge by giving him gifts that match his versatile style. Our guide, “Refined and Rugged: Gifts for the Versatile Dad,” offers a thoughtfully curated selection of items that cater to both his polished and adventurous sides. Whether he’s heading to a business meeting or embarking on a weekend getaway, these handpicked gifts will ensure he looks his best in any setting. This guide covers a spectrum of fashion and lifestyle products that embody both elegance and resilience. Show your dad how much you appreciate his dynamic personality with gifts that seamlessly blend refinement and ruggedness, making this Father’s Day truly special.

This Father’s Day, surprise him with the “Sun Tide” sunglasses by WildOrbs, where the magic of where the sun meets the tide is captured in every pair. Designed for the dad who appreciates the subtle luxury of two-tone models and modern, easy-to-wear shapes, these sunglasses feature OrbOptics polarized lenses for unmatched clarity and protection. Choose between the vibrant “Silver Parakeet” and the classic “Sparrow Gold” to match his style and ensure he rocks this summer in sunshine and style.

Offering high-quality, stylish walking canes from the United States for over 30 years! Find the perfect, fashionable cane to match your personality and your spirit. From wood to carbon, from adjustable to folding canes, from walking staffs to hiking poles, we believe your walking stick is a statement accessory that you can be proud of!

Collector’s Sword Cane

Crook-shaped handle cane with a 23" long stainless steel blade concealed in the scorched wood shaft. The shaft is 36" long with burgundy, or black stain finish and brass accents.

  • Fitted with a Nev-a-slip rubber
  • Tip diameter: 3/4"
  • Height 36"
  • Supports up to 220lbs
  • Made in the USA

Perfect for the dad who wants to look dapper.


The #1 choice for dads everywhere!

All-New PRVKE Backpack

The WANDRD PRVKE backpack has a versatile design that seamlessly transitions from urban streets to rugged landscapes, making it perfect for dads on the go. With features like customizable camera compartments, weather-resistant materials, and a sleek, minimalist look, the PRVKE backpack embodies the spirit of modern exploration. It’s time to celebrate dad’s adventurous spirit!


The H2O “Meridien” is Dragon’s latest men’s utilitarian style, designed with a sleek rectangular shape encompassing a maverick personality and timeless appeal. Inspired by retro surf heritage, the temples are crafted with a sleek concave design for a refined look. This H20 floatable style frame is constructed from injection molded Grilamid and lightweight Polycarbonate lenses. These frames are designed for peak experiences, ensuring durability and resistance against impact and shattering.

Two Roads Hat Co

For the Fashionable Dad

Tobin Hill Western Palm Hat

Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, this hat not only offers timeless Western charm but also provides excellent sun protection, making it an ideal accessory for outdoor adventures. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while its classic design adds a touch of rugged sophistication to any ensemble. It’s a standout choice for honoring fathers with a taste for classic elegance and practicality.

Samuel Hubbard

Every dad on-the-go needs a comfortable and stylish shoe to keep up, and Samuel Hubbard has an array of podiatrist-approved footwear that he can wear straight from the office to dinner without missing a beat! They also have a selection of high-quality leather wallets and belts to accessorize.


The fashion-forward dad who likes to make a statement with his accessories will love a pair of luxury sunglasses from Vontélle Eyewear for his upcoming summer activities.

Copper H2O

Stay hydrated with this stylish, hand-crafted copper water bottle. In addition to the environmental benefits of a reusable water bottle and the aesthetic qualities of this bottle, recent studies have shown that copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral, which makes copper water bottles ideal for active lifestyles. The company which sells this bottle is 100% female-run and has a “good karma” program whereby they donate 15% of their profits to non-profit groups that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries.

VOESH Refreshing odor socks

Kick stinky feet to the curb with our minty fresh foot mask infused with phytoncide, mint, and cica leaf extracts, the perfect odor relief for overworked feet! Get the funk out with our Refreshing Odor Treatment Socks made with phytoncide that is seriously cleansing, deodorizing, and refreshing. Soothe overworked feet with the 3+ mint blend delivers a cooling, tingly sensation for a totally invigorating experience. Hello to minty-fresh, relieved feet!

  • Available at VOESH
  • Price:$6



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