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Zippy Sandler
11 min readMar 29, 2024

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I love the change of season, especially Spring. It’s the ONE season that feels like it’s nature’s way of hitting the refresh button. It’s the time I weed through my closet and makeup. Rearrange the furniture, etc. Of course that means SHOPPING for things like a chic purse in a bold color, dangling effortlessly from my arm as I pretend to stroll the Champs-Élysées (OK, so I’m at the mall). I love to add a sprinkle of sparkle with some statement jewelry — think playful earrings that catch the sunlight and delicate bracelets that whisper of new beginnings. And let’s not forget about hair accessories! Those whimsical vibes of the season with colorful scrunchies and hair clips add a touch of charm to every outfit. And behind the scenes? Well, every fresh start needs a trusty light-up mirror for those flawless makeup moments and a scale to keep us on track with our springtime wellness goals. With these essentials by our side, I’m ready to bloom and embrace all the beauty that spring has to offer! I hope that you are TOO. Here’s a look into what I’ve added this season (so far).

Nexus Pro Wireless Body Composition Scale

A perfect gift for moms or dads who are health + fitness conscious to help easily track fitness goals would be iHealth’s Nexus Pro Wireless Body Composition Scale. Today’s scales are not old school scales by any means to just hop on and off to check your weight and then throw back into a bathroom cabinet or closet, but critical tools now for essential smart health management — -featuring:

  • 12 Essential Body Composition Analysis — The digital bathroom scale not only supports weight measurement but also heart rate, body fat percentage analyzer, BMI, body water %, muscle mass, body age, etc.
  • Sync with Apps — Free download MyVitals app at the App Store or Google Play, and MyVitals app can easily sync with other fitness Apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and so on, which lets you store and share your data more conveniently
  • Sleek Design — The durable design with 6mm tempered glass is thicker and larger than most others and with 4 anti-slip pads which makes it more comfortable and safer to stand on.

It’s time to keep track so I can get into that new bathing suite that I bought.

Ilios Lighting — Rechargeable Table Mirror

The Rechargeable Round Mirror mimics true daylight with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 98 out of 100, delivering the most detailed makeup application of any mirror available today. The long-lasting rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of power following a single charge without compromising light quality. Engineered with convenience and simplicity, the distortion-free mirror ranges from 100 to 800 lux with simple one-touch adjustable lighting. Standing taller than your average mirror and 20% brighter, you’ll see every detail eliminating makeup mistakes.

Easily tilt and rotate the mirror 360 degrees for exact positioning. Take quality lighting with you on your next trip! Quickly detach the mirror from its magnetic tabletop base for handholding, pair it with an optional suction cup, and take it along with you. Unlike traditional makeup mirrors, our long-lasting LEDs are rated for over 50,000 hours.

Promos and Specials:

  • Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family Sale — $20 OFF every $150 spent in beauty from March 21 to April 1 both in-store and online. Ilios Lighting products are included in this sale. Shop Ilios Lighting products on Bloomingdale’s here. For in-store locations, see here.
  • Ilios Lighting Mother’s Day Sale — Ilios Lighting will be offering a 10% OFF sitewide sale from April 28 at 12:00 a.m. ET — May 12 at 11:59 p.m. ET (automatic at checkout)

The Bag Icon

Introducing The Bag Icon’s Luxury Iconic Handbags, where elegance meets affordability. At The Bag Icon, they understand the desire to carry great high-quality leather handbags that exude luxury without breaking the bank. The collection features iconic styles tailored to the discerning customer. With timeless pieces that elevate your look each handbag in the collection is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of sophistication and refinement. But. what sets them apart is their dedication to honoring trailblazing women throughout history. The handbag collections pay homage to iconic figures who defied norms, championed social justice, and left an indelible mark on the world.


Introducing the GRANDMÈRE TRUNK BAG, a heartfelt homage to the elegance and grace of the owner’s grandmothers Zenobia and Alice. Crafted to perfection, this bag seamlessly blends chic modernity with timeless sophistication, making it the quintessential everyday companion you’ve been longing for. Luxurious calfskin leather envelops the exterior, exuding opulence and durability, while bold hardware accents add a touch of contemporary flair.

The GRANDMÈRE TRUNK BAG embodies both style and practicality, making it a cherished addition to any ensemble.


The HENRIETTA handbag is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of your daily adventures with unparalleled elegance. Made from exquisite Italian leather, this handbag combines luxurious aesthetics with practical functionality, ensuring you’re always prepared without compromising on style. The striking contrasting stitching adds a touch of sophistication, elevating the overall allure, named in honor of Henrietta Lacks, whose legacy continues to inspire and resonate, this handbag embodies strength, resilience, and timeless sophistication. Embrace the spirit of empowerment and grace with the HENRIETTA handbag, a true testament to the enduring legacy of its namesake.

The HARRIET handbag

This exquisite piece is the epitome of sophistication with a touch of bohemian flair. Crafted from luxurious pebbled leather, it exudes quality and elegance. The standout feature of The HARRIET is its bamboo handles, adding a unique and earthy element to its design. To top it off, the bag is adorned with a striking metal and bamboo interlocking closure, showcasing intricate craftsmanship. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a treat for yourself, The HARRIET is sure to make a statement wherever you go. Plus, its practicality shines through with a convenient twist lock and an adjustable shoulder strap for added versatility. Made with care in Italy, this handbag is not just a gift — it’s a luxurious experience.

Finding Hope and Joy

Personalized gifts custom embroidery monogram gifts.

These pool mesh bags are perfect to keep all of your essentials — organized, clean, and ready to go. Whether it’s for the wet swimsuits, each kid’s pool toys, sunscreen and glasses, this bag is perfect for all things travel, beach, and pool — making it a great gift for all ages!

Demeter’s Signature Roll On Perfume Oil

Spring into Your Signature Scent with Demeter’s Roll-On Perfume Oil Blending Set: Demeter Fragrance invites you to embrace the season of rebirth with a truly personalized touch to your daily ritual with the Signature Roll-On Perfume Oil Blending Set. Crafted with the essence of individuality at its core, the set offers you an invitation to explore, blend, and create a scent that’s uniquely yours. Whether you’re drawn to the delicate whispers of early blooming flowers, the crisp freshness of a Spring morning, or the rich earthiness of renewed soil, the blending set harbors the notes to anchor your memories and hopes for the season in a scent that tells your story. The set includes Baby Powder, Jasmine, Lavender, Salt Air, Sunshine, and Wet Garden. Simply mix, match, and combine to create your very own spring-inspired signature scent!

  • Check out the entire fragrance library available at Demeter

Mystic Gleam

This beautiful bracelet is made with real lapis lazuli, a deep blue stone with sparkly gold bits. Lapis lazuli has been loved for thousands of years and is thought to bring wisdom and peace. Wear this bracelet as a reminder or use it during meditation to feel calmer and connect with your inner self. Lapis lazuli is a special stone that brings ancient energy and a touch of beauty to your life. Wear it to feel calm or just because it’s beautiful.


This beautiful brush will fit nicely in your Easter basket! The NEW Denman Wet Detangler featuring powerful yet flexible teeth for the ultimate in quality and maximum performance, is expertly designed for all hair types and all hair textures. Ideal for adults and children, the paddle brush shape is the perfect fit for big and little hands. It is comfortable to hold and provides effortless and pain-free detangling for your hair. Its flexible pins glide through knots and tangles without pulling or snagging, reducing breakage, and can be used to detangle wet hair and dry hair. Gentle on the scalp, the staggered pins detangle like a wide-tooth comb and make it a perfect shampoo brush. Massage your scalp while distributing your favorite hair conditioner and shampoo. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold, this remarkable hairbrush is made by hair experts in the UK. FYI, I’ve used a Denman brush on my hair since 1973 (over 50 years) at the suggestion of my hairdresser(s).

Miharo Hair Clip

If there’s one thing teen and tween girls can’t get enough of, it’s hair accessories. This claw clip from Miharo is the perfect finishing touch for an easter basket.

A beloved choice with good reason. Allow us to introduce our Signature Clip, meticulously crafted for durability using top-quality eco-friendly acetate. Designed for all-day wear, it’s so comfortable that you might just forget you have it on.

  • Available directly from Miharo online

The Club(s)

A confidence-boosting, men’s athletic, fashion company, specializing in golf-style polos and caps. The Club(s) is building a louder but refined culture of premium style on the golf course with bold prints, brighter colors, added comfort, and performance. Golf has evolved into a lifestyle, it’s an attitude that ‘the Club(s)’ apparel and gear perfectly represents. With two golfers in the family (and a golf website that we run), you know that it HAS to be great for us to actually wear on the course.

The Club(s) product core is premium quality golf apparel and gear

  • Disruptive style defined as ‘refined loud,’ with big colors and bold designs that inspire confidence
  • Polos with refined loud prints
  • A luxury fit
  • Structured polo collars
  • Caps with bold designs

It may not take strokes off your game, but he’ll be looking good in the 19th hole as he tells everyone about that birdie he made on 15.


This is the TikTok viral, miracle product, with tens of millions of views that you’ve been seeing! Many of us can relate to a bad headache or hangover!! “Hung-Over-A-F” is an all-in-one headache solution that’s a must have! Migraines don’t stand a chance with this instant relief, soothing, blackout cap technology, called HUNGOVRAF caps! The gel can be cooled or heated (as needed), and the cooling application sits snuggly on places where pain radiates and reduces blood flow to slow inflammation!

  • HUNGOVRAF caps can be used as cooling gel around the head, eyes, pressure points, plus heat relief
  • Relieve puffy eyes, cluster headaches, and photosensitivity
  • The cap also blocks out a high percentage of surrounding noises
  • You can enjoy quiet and blackout without needing to get out of bed to close the curtains or hear your family or friends

Keep a couple of these ready to go. One in the freezer, the other in the medicine chest.


Stress and anxiety can both be detrimental to anyone’s sleep routine. The Manta WEIGHTED Mask is the only weighted mask designed, constructed, and optimized for maximum relaxation in any environment. Created to combine the soothing power of gentle pressure with the sensory relief of 100% blackout, WEIGHTED is perfect for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, tension headaches, or migraines.

The mask features a tapered design to ensure side sleep comfort to ease you into la-la-land. With gently pressing powerful relaxation points on your face, the mask alleviates tension and induces relaxation by stimulating the release of serotonin and melatonin naturally, calming your nervous system and priming your body for deep rest. Because it is WEIGHTED, you get therapeutic pressure on the relaxation points around your eyes, but no pressure on your eyes — so you get stress relief without eye discomfort or blurry vision.

TBH Kids Collection

TBH Kids provides personal hygiene solutions for tweens from skincare, to hair care, and body care. TBH Kids was founded by Risa Barash, a mother of two who after seeing her own children go through puberty, was inspired to help tweens feel more comfortable about their bodies during this phase of their life. TBH Kids uses safe and good-for-you ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and are soy, nut, dairy, & gluten-free.

As you say hasta la vista to winter and get ready for the BEST season ever — spring, let this Fresh Start guide be your handbook for what you need. From skincare essentials that breathe life into tired skin to wellness products and fashion, let each item serve as a gentle reminder that every day is an opportunity for growth and renewal. I hope uou take this moment to indulge in the beauty of self-care, update your accessories, and embrace a fresh healthy start that awaits you this spring.



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