My 9 tips for a happy life.

Zippy Sandler
3 min readNov 20, 2023

If you asked me what my best quality I would tell you that it isn’t my sexy figure or even my smile. It isn’t my cooking (that’s for SURE) and it isn’t my driving either (my nickname growing up was crash). No, it’s none of those things. But on my journey of growth and self-discovery, I have realized that it isn’t just one thing, but instead, it’s a set of rules that I realize (quite by accident) that I live by. I always thought of myself as a chameleon, able to adapt and change with whatever I was facing. I’ve been through quite a lot in these 69 years, and no matter how bad things got, I was able to easily change things around because of my perspective on life and the ability to be fluid.

Here are the things that I do

  1. Remind your friends & relatives that you love them: By investing time, love, and support in your relationships, you’ll be able to turn to friends and family when you most need them and be there when they most need you. That’s what friendship is all about, support, love, and laughter. Being able to forget about your troubles as you help them is much more fulfilling than worrying about your problems.
  2. Take time for Improvement: Budget that time just like you’d budget your finances, grocery shopping, etc. By setting aside a half hour each day you’ll find that over time, you will learn and grow. Learn French or Spanish, learn to paint or dance, become a baker or a cook in your own kitchen. Spend time each day to grow that dream.
  3. Do it for YOURSELF: Whether it be just taking some time to pick up a good book, learn something new, or get on that exercise bike so that it doesn’t become a clothes hanger. Taking the time for yourself and doing things that better yourself pays off no matter what your age. Whether it’s books, quality food, fitness, or mental health these are investments that contribute to your well-being and long-term happiness.
  4. Be Flexible: The ability to adapt and change to your circumstances rather than fight against them makes life so much easier. Don’t fight change, learn from it and grow.
  5. Money Should Make Things EASY for You: Money is a tool, and how we use it can significantly impact our lives. For some, it becomes really complicated, but if you spend money to actually simplify your life, you can avoid unnecessary financial stress. How can you use your finances to really make your life simpler?
  6. Get up and Move: If your body becomes stagnant, so will your mind. We were meant to move every day and a simple walk or dance around the living room is important not only for your health but also for your happiness (raise those endorphins). Keep it simple, set up a daily walk to a friend, ride your exercise bike during the morning news, dance while listening to your favorite music.
  7. Take Accountability: Life isn’t always fair, and knowing what you can control and what is out of your hands is important. Take accountability for your actions. This can empower you to overcome obstacles. Blame does nothing but make things worse, so instead of blaming external factors, look inward, and own it!.
  8. Be Generous: Successes are best enjoyed when shared with those that you love. If you’re fortunate, share! Support your family and friends without expecting anything in return. Generosity is a powerful force that creates a positive ripple effect in our lives and the lives of those around us.
  9. Do It Now: My MANTRA yesterday, today, and always. There may never be a tomorrow and the past is…well, it’s the past. You’ll never find a better time than RIGHT NOW to go for your dreams. For me, it meant spending a few years exploring the globe. Whatever it is that you’ve always said “I’ll do it someday” — SOMEDAY IS TODAY.



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