Instant Joy: 13 Gifts to Make Dad’s Day Memorable

Zippy Sandler
6 min readJun 12, 2024


Are you looking for a gift that will put a BIG smile on Dad’s face? Check out our guide packed with some of our favorite gift ideas that are sure to make him grin from ear to ear. From the coolest tech gadgets to artisanal snacks and fun sun gear, these presents are all about making Dad’s day unforgettable. Whether he enjoys a good challenge, loves to eat, or just wants to unwind, you’ll find the perfect surprise to make him happy.


Introducing Snowfox Barware, the ultimate gift for Dad this summer! Crafted from durable stainless steel with a double-wall vacuum, Snowfox keeps Dad’s favorite beverages (like beer) ice-cold in the scorching heat. From tumblers to martini glasses, Snowfox has it all, ensuring every sip stays refreshingly cool from the first sip to the last drop. Best of all, the entire line is unbreakable! Drop them, smash them (let’s face it dads can be rough on things) Snowfox will withstand it. No more worrying about cleaning up broken glass. And with its innovative design, Dad can say goodbye to condensation too! Make Dad’s day with Snowfox Barware — the “coolest” gift around!


Retail: $24.99

Connect the Liddle Speaker with any Bluetooth wireless device, iPhone, Android, computer, etc. The Liddle Speaker is dustproof, water resistant and has a built-in magnet that attaches to any metal surface — including the MagSafe charging area of a phone or phone case, acting as a kickstand. Perfect for the outdoors or home, The Liddle Speaker can be used in the shower, playing golf, by the pool, at the beach, or anywhere else your adventures take you!

LumiCharge Smart Lamps

The LumiCharge line of smart desk lamps have integrated patented phone docks, integrated wireless chargers, bluetooth speakers, and more. LumiCharge lamps are a convenient way to charge your devices while also providing a source of light and eliminating clutter on your desk or night stand by allowing you to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously on one convenient charging station!

  • Available on Amazon
  • $44.99 to $149.00

LumiChill Ice Bucket

The LumiChill is a collapsible, portable ice bucket with built-in wireless spe

aker and changeable LED party lights. It wirelessly connects to all iPhones or Androids with bluetooth. Spice up your outdoor party with ice cold wine, beer, soda and music.

COR Surf Straw Sun Hat

Keep the sun out of your face while boating! The COR Surf Lifeguard hat is designed to last, and keep you comfortable. The interior stretch-fit headband not only gives you that flex-fit, but also wicks sweat. Protect your face from the elements and enjoy your day in the Sun with the COR Surf Straw Sun Hat. Cloth printed under brim extends the life of the straw hat and provides an anti-glare under-visor. With an adjustable chin strap, it’s made with natural premium straw of the highest quality. The extra wide brim provides added sun protection and keeps you cool in the heat and warm weather.

  • Available on Amazon
  • Price: $34.99

Veriphy Skin Care

Simple 5 Step Skincare Routine

Help Dad elevate his skincare routine with Veriphy Skincare. Their clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products, infused with the revolutionary ingredient PhytoSpherix®, are crafted with all-natural ingredients, reflecting a dedication to quality and sustainability. Perfect for dads who value self-care and conscious living. Plus, their range includes travel-friendly options, ensuring Dad can maintain his skincare regimen on the fly. Treat Dad to the gift of healthy, glowing skin this Father’s Day with Veriphy Skin Care.

Cusa Tea & Coffee

For the adventurous and busy dads, Cusa Tea & Coffee’s award-winning instant teas and coffees made from the finest organic ingredients. With their convenient single-serve packets, dads can enjoy a delightful cup of tea or coffee anytime, anywhere.

Cambio Roasters

Cambio Roasters delivers the finest small-batch roasted Arabica coffees in 100% recyclable K-Cups. Beyond offering a delightful coffee experience, they donate 20% of profits to support coffee-farming communities through Food 4 Farmers. Give the gift of exceptional coffee with a purpose this Father’s Day.

  • Available on Amazon
  • Price: $16.74 for a pack of 27 pods


Price: $9.99

Crafted by Maya Tea Company, Vigrs are savory adaptogenic teas crafted to enhance well-being. With intriguing global flavors and functional adaptogen bases, these teas are perfect for dads seeking to unlock their full potential. Steep, sip, or cook with Vigrs for a distinctive and flavorful experience.

Wild Zora

Treat Dad to gluten-free, paleo-friendly meals and snacks from Wild Zora. From meat and veggie bars to quinoa bowls and organic fruits, their products are high in protein, non-GMO, and made with sustainable ingredients.

Coffee Tamer

Enhance Dad’s morning coffee ritual with Coffee Tamer. Formulated with safe ingredients in the USA, Coffee Tamer reduces acidity in coffee before digestion, ensuring a smooth and flavorful experience minus discomfort. Coffee Tamer alleviates digestive discomfort from irritating acids, including occasional heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. Simply sprinkle and stir to transform any coffee into a low-acid brew.

Wine Tamer

Planning a wine tasting outing for Father’s Day? Wine Tamer offers a healthy solution to reduce acidity in wine without altering aroma or taste. Wine Tamer combats digestive discomfort caused by wine acids. The discreet dropper bottle is perfect for on-the-go, dining out, and traveling; just add three drops and swirl. Wine Tamer is effective in red, white, and rosé wines.


Treat Dad to the delicious delights of Schär’s gluten-free chocolates and cookies this Father’s Day. Whether Dad has celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or simply enjoys gluten-free treats, he’ll love the rich flavors and high-quality ingredients found in Schär’s products. With over a century of expertise



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