Gifts that Bridge the Traditions of Mixed Faith Families for Spring Holidays

Zippy Sandler
19 min readMar 22, 2024

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As the enchanting seasons of Passover and Easter draw near, families everywhere are gearing up for cherished moments of celebration and togetherness. In the heart of these festivities lies the joy of gift-giving, especially for the little ones who eagerly anticipate the magic of the holidays. But what about families where Passover and Easter intertwine, where traditions from both faiths blend harmoniously under one roof? For these mixed-faith families, finding toys and gifts that honor the beauty of both Passover and Easter can be a delightful adventure. From playful toys for Passover to whimsical Easter delights, this gift guide is designed to ignite the imaginations of children and foster a sense of unity and inclusivity in mixed-faith households. Join us as we embark on a journey where cultural diversity is celebrated, traditions are cherished, and the joy of childhood knows no bounds.

Dorothy Lane Market

Easter Cookie and Candy Box

Easter Candy, Chocolates, & Confections!

When it comes to Easter gifts, this Easter Cookie and Candy Board is sure to be some bunny’s favorite! Chock-full of Easter candy, like Esther Price Chocolate Bunnies and Gyslain’s over-the-top caramel-filled eggs, and indulgent confections like Rustic Bakery Cookies and Killer Brownie® Spring flavors.

Have fun creating this festive and fun cookie and candy board (board not included). Tag us on Instagram (@dorothylanemarket) with your dessert board creations!


  • Killer Brownie® Kitchen Sink Brownies: Two full-sized Kitchen Brownies crafted with a base of rich chocolate brownie, cookie dough top with M&M® Candies.
  • Esther Price Candies Chocolate Bunnies (2-ct): We include two chocolate bunnies.
  • Rustic Bakery Faberge Egg Cookies (3): Perfectly crisp with a melt-in-your-mouth texture and light, buttery flavor with a crunchy sugar topping in an elegant egg shape with an embossed texture.
  • Ghyslain Caramel Filled Eggs (4-ct): Our friends at Ghyslain make the best caramel filled milk chocolate covered eggs, truly indulgent.
  • Poppy Handcrafted Spring Confetti Market Bag: Poppy’s famous Salted Caramel popcorn and pretzels, drizzled with French Broad Chocolate™ and sprinkled with pastel M&Ms. A beautiful addition to any spring party!


After the dark but cozy winter, look forward to spring’s brighter days, where new life peeps out of the ground with snowdrops, pearl hyacinths, and daffodils in beautiful colors. Spring is also the time when the small baby lambs, chickens, ducks, and hares are born. All of them small, lovely wooly, downy and soft little crows, which are signs that spring has come. They are all so lovely and adorable that you want to take them home.

Shop Easter and Passover gifts for the whole family!

Classic Bunny Slippers™

Make this Easter extra special with Classic Bunny Slippers from With adjustable ears, whiskers, pink details, and cotton ball tails…you’ll enjoy these adorable and comfy slippers all year long. Get a pair for everyone in the family!

The Original Highland Cattle Slippers

Highland Cattle from Northern Scotland are beloved for their wavy, shaggy ginger coats! These Highland Cattle Slippers by Everberry® are the original and highest quality Highland slippers on the market, featuring the finest materials, and most adorable details…from their long horns to their fuzzy tails. With three sizes to choose from, get a pair for everyone in the family!

Sandy Beach Doll

Meet Sandy, the perfect addition to your child’s Easter basket. From beach adventures where she can be filled with sand and water, to enjoyable bubble bath moments, Sandy is designed for fun everywhere. The Sandy Beach Doll Kit features a durable stand-up design, ensuring hours of imaginative play in water. The kit includes a water-resistant tote with two pockets for sunglasses and a shovel, a shovel for beach play, child and mini doll sunglasses for added flair, and a playful Sandy-inspired sticker set. Sandy Beach Doll is a lovely Easter Day gift and is available in two colors — Soft Pink and Periwinkle Blue. Retails for $60

Ridley’s Games

Can You Dig It?

FUN FAMILY GAME: There’s never a dill moment in this absolutely radishing game of Can You Dig It? from Ridley’s Games! In this fast-paced card game, gardeners use trowel and error to harvest fruit and veg from the 4 community plots to develop the most impressive feast by the end of the game.

Bird Lover’s 1000-piece Round Jigsaw Puzzle

A challenging 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle that’s all about birds and their flyways! As you put together this Bird Lover’s 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle from Ridley’s Games, you’ll uncover over 100 beautiful birds soaring along their flyways around the world. You’ll also find a map included with information about the eight migration flyways, as well as facts about the birds and where they take flight. Featuring stunning illustrations of these majestic creatures, this is a great gift for ornithophiles and twitchers in your life. And once the circular jigsaw is finished, it’s easy to frame to create a piece of art! Perfect for the bird or puzzle lover, it comes in giftable tube packaging. Completed jigsaw measures 26.8 in / 68 cm in diameter. Made using 70% recycled materials and 30% FSC paper. Printed using soy inks.

Roarsome! — The Dino-Matching Card Game for Dinosaur Lovers

Who doesn’t love a dinosaur? Fun and brightly colored illustrations bring the dinos to life in Roarsome! from Ridley’s Games.

EASY TO PLAY — It’s simple: you just have to make three in a row! Match by dinosaur or card color to create a horizontal or vertical row, collect your points, and flip the remaining cards to create new chances. But watch out for the dino poop!

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY — Gather your friends and family, young and old alike, and let the games begin! Ideal for 2–6 players and ages 6+, this roarsome party game has an average 15-minute gameplay, English/French/Italian/German/Spanish instructions, and is excellent for social gatherings, parties, and family nights. It’s also perfect for dinosaur fanatics!

ECO-CONSCIOUS — Includes 60 game cards printed using vegetable inks on FSC materials and packaged in a novelty dinosaur egg-shaped case made using biodegradable corn-starch.


My Fun Day

ENGAGING PLAY: My Fun Day is a hands-on activity board that includes day/night pawn, stand, & activity discs. Use these pieces to help give context to the time of the day or night & how the seasons or weather can make a difference in what they wear.

LIFE & THINKING SKILLS: My Fun Day is an activity board for toddlers in order to develop life & thinking skills such as telling time. It also helps with identifying days of the week & months of the year, as well as seasons.

DAILY ROUTINE: Stir up conversation every morning by using this activity board to help your child create awareness of their daily schedule. Encourage your child to look outside to see what the weather is like or discuss feelings before the day starts.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: This learning game for kids can also help to develop their fine motor skills as you move the clock’s hand sliders and dials on the board. My fun day can be used both upright and flat.

Buddy Hop

Get your body moving as you hop through 2 games in one. Game one concentrates on building memory and sequencing skills; game two concentrates on building quick visual association skills.

Petit Collage (all eco-friendly)

On-The-Go Game Duo Garden Friends

TWO CLASSIC GAMES IN ONE SET — A garden friends theme adds appeal for kids who love nature as they engage in classic gameplay. The wooden pieces and clever printing on the storage bag make it easy to play a version of Tic-Tac-Toe or Snakes and Ladders anywhere!

Busy Bunny Wooden Pull Toy

​​A classic wooden pull toy that encourages little walkers to wander with a new friend. Colorful and cheerful, this bunny is always busy doing one thing — nibbling on a carrot! See what busy things a newly walking toddler can find to do with busy bunny as they stroll along together. Perfect for ages 18m+. Made using FSC wood and printed using 75% recycled materials with vegetable inks. Plastic-free packaging.

Shine Bright Mag Dress Up in The Garden

Have a glorious time in the garden with this In the Garden Shine Bright Magnetic Play Set from Petit Collage! Visionary, Empowered, Plant Lover. Using the included magnetic pieces, accessorize your gardener and outdoor scene — dream big and shine bright! The perfect gift for any budding, green-thumbed little one. For ages 3+. No plastic was used in disposable packaging or in transit.

Svaha USA

Svaha USA is a one-stop shop for all geeky STEAM-themed apparel and accessories for adults and kids. The forward-thinking brand is changing the narrative on clothes while shattering gender stereotypes with STEAM appeal, with patterns woven into dresses, leggings, skirts, and tops for adults and kids. Wear your passion for science and tech proudly and stand out from the crowd with flair and a nod to astronomy, math, music, and other persuasions. The woman-owned brand proves that brainy is beautiful! The Svaha mission is to start a clothing revolution for adults and kids which empowers them to be whatever they want to be such as scientists, engineers, astronauts, and more. The brand’s size-inclusive offerings range from adults XS to 5X and kids 2T to 11/12. Flattering and fashionable, eco-friendly dyes are used on all clothing for an easy and versatile wash-and-wear style. I love that all dresses and other pieces in the collection include pockets! Designed to confront gender stereotypes and encourage all to embrace their passions.

Scribble Art

If you’re like most parents halfway through the school year, you’re knee-deep in a colorful whirlwind of your child’s school artwork. It’s a beautiful mess that leaves you torn between wanting to keep every scribble and longing for a clutter-free home. Scribble Art offers a heartwarming solution, transforming your child’s art into beautiful, premium hardcover books that showcase their talents and create a treasured keepsake. They make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduations.

Custom Hardcover Photo Book From Your Kids’ Art

Preserving your children’s creativity is easy with Scribble. Just snap photos of their art, and we’ll transform them into beautiful, hardcover photo books that you can keep forever. No more piles of drawings or mountains of macaroni art — with Scribble, you can keep their creativity organized and commemorate their childhood milestones. It’s the perfect gift for grandparents, and a cherished keepsake for parents.

Kids Art Wrapping Paper

Wrapping gifts just got way more fun with Scribble! We’ve got you covered with custom wrapping paper that puts your kids’ artwork front and center. Add a personal touch to your gifts with custom wrapping paper made with your child’s unique artwork, such as a hand-drawn masterpiece or a colorful Lego™ creation. Scribble enhances any artwork from your phone to make sure your gifts are set to dazzle.


The company behind the world’s first and only plantable pencil — has launched new editions — Color, Kitchen and Herb — that are perfect to include in your spring celebratory efforts of bringing in the new season. Skip the conventional spring DIY crafts, Easter basket stuffers and gifts with Sprout sustainable pencils that have a seed capsule at the end so once you’re done using them, plant the stubs and watch them grow into flowers, herbs, plants, vegetables, fruit and more.

Below are easy and simple ways to include SproutWorld in your spring and Easter activities:
- Include the Color pencil edition in easter baskets for kids to use for arts and crafts
- Plant Sprout Kitchen and Herb pencil editions in decorative, dyed and/or used eggs and use as table centerpieces, office décor and more
- Start your spring garden with all three editions in your indoor kitchen, home or work office, etc.

Color Pencil Edition ($15.99)
These eight-colored plantable pencils are eco-friendly art supplies that grow into fragrant herbs when planted including sage, thyme, carnation, chia, coriander, daisy, forget me nots and basil.

Kitchen Edition ($11.99)
From pencil to table, you can grow the seeds in this new five-pack edition into something edible and delicious such as melon, cucumbers, eggplant, arugula and parsley.

Herb Edition ($11.99)
Spice up your next meal with this new edition with five seeds that grow into parsley, arugula, sage, coriander and basil.

Sprout pencils are B-Corp certified, vegan-friendly and provide an affordable and “green” way for you to decorate this spring that is safe for our planet, festive and fun! SproutWorld’s new plantable pencil editions are perfect to give to your special loved ones, gardeners, kids, friends, co-workers and more.

Each package contains a simple-to-follow plant guide for users to plant, watch and grow in as little as one to four weeks. You can plant Sprout pencils all year round indoors and outdoors — all you need is sunlight and water.

Dream Pairs

Dream Pairs is a fashion footwear expert, committed to creating a huge range of women’s dream shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.

Dream Pairs allows you to look great on every occasion — your beauty starts to shine from your feet.

Girls Low Heel Ankle Strap Sandals

Square Toe Design: Made with a comfortable square toe and completed with a rhinestone bow. These girls’ dress sandals offer ample room for toes and enhance the look of the sandals.

1.77-Inch Heel: The low kitten heel is perfect as their first pair of heels, giving them height and stability. Hook-And-Loop Strap: Designed for little ones, these girls’ dress sandals feature convenient closures for effortless wearing. The straps ensure a secure and stable fit, adding extra stability. Soft & Resilient Insole: Enjoy maximum comfort with a soft insole crafted from vegan leather and 3mm thick latex, providing comfort and excellent resilience for long hours of wear. Non-Slip Outsole: The sandals are equipped with a non-slip outsole made from high-quality, wear-resistant material, offering a secure grip and durability.

Time Flies

  • 15% off until March 31st using the above link

An award winning family road trip game that brings less whining and more laughing to long drives.

It’s a lot different than anything available because it’s specifically for the YOUNG kids. The ones who get squirrely fast and ask “are we there yet?” a bazillion times.

Time Flies is for ages 4+ and is a super fun SCREEN FREE card game that includes sneaky education (shhh don’t tell the kids): math problem solving, comprehension skills, kinesthetic movements (gets those wiggles out), brain breaks, dramatic literacy play, lots of laughing (dopamine surges).

The 3 Expansion Packs add custom fun for the kids. From the “ABCD Early Readers” pack that includes young reader to be part of the game, to the “We Like to Move It” pack that helps the players get the blood flowing by moving safely and silly, to the “Heading Home” pack that helps keep the good times going even on the drive home.

The Time Flies game creates lifelong memories that bring the players closer together without getting annoyed on a road trip! Who would’ve thought that’s possible? Bring sanity to family trips!


  • Code — GiftedByDesign — $50 off any phone
  • Code WATCH30 — $30 off of the Watch


Troomi’s safe phone grows with your child, offering comprehensive protection today and preparing them for responsible tech use in the future. Unlike restrictive solutions that quickly become outdated, Troomi proactively prevents problems by keeping children away from harmful content, predators, and the complexities of social media while equipping them with age-appropriate features. Simplify your child’s safe tech journey with Troomi, which combines phone and service into one streamlined and affordable solution.

Samsung A14 5G

Troomi equips the Samsung A14 5G with their KidSmart® OS, transforming it into a safe and controlled smartphone for children. This operating system curates age-appropriate apps, blocks harmful content and online threats, and allows parents to manage screen time, monitor activity, and even utilize real-time location tracking through the included parental portal. This combination of a familiar and reliable device with Troomi’s robust safety features empowers parents and provides a foundation for responsible tech use in children.

Troomi XG03 Kids Smart Watch

Connect, Chat, Track, Anytime, Anywhere
The kid-friendly smart watch with built-in chat, calling, and GPS — explore life beyond screens.
With its innovative calling function, children can easily reach out to their pre-approved contacts. Use voice messages, emojis and chat to efficiently communicate with each other, and make every day life for your family so much easier and safer!
No access to internet. No unwanted calls. No social media.

The Looky Lou

More Smiles, Less Stress: Looky Lou Makes Family Photoshoots Fun for Everyone!

How much time do you spend scrolling through unusable photos of your little ones? Snap happier memories in less time with The Looky Lou, your cute new photo assistant! It’s a fun way to get kids to smile and is a must-have The perfect gadget gift to use on your phone or tablet.

Designed by parents, mom-preneur, Kaitlyn Trabucco and her husband struggled for years to get their children to look at the camera. They figured there had to be a better way and created this fun rattle that attaches to any device. It is a friendly lion character whose mane spins and rattles — Looky Lou sparks joy and gets kids to look and laugh! They also wrote a book that brings Lou the lion to life, and teaches children about belonging, shyness, and courage. When you smile at Lou, he becomes brave!

  • Made from baby-safe plastic
  • The lion’s mane spins and includes a built-in rattle
  • Looky Lou’s bright colors are engaging and designed to attract the attention of little ones
  • Designed to fit any phone or tablet
  • Clips to the side and has slanted legs to avoid camera lenses or flashes
  • Clip is thick enough to go over a case
  • Lou the lion-themed storybook, bundles, gift boxes (baby showers, birthdays, etc.) and extra cases available


A holistic, cold remedy for young children who are sick. Tum&Bum is an incline, forward-facing, sleep chair. When young kids are sick, congested and coughing and need to lie down on their beds to sleep, they have a difficult time sleeping due to mucus pooling in their upper respiratory system, which causes them to not sleep well. But if they lay at a slight angle, then everything drains down and they can breathe better and sleep more soundly! Tum&Bum is the answer. Just add on their favorite blanket and pillow for comfort. Recently featured in Today’s Parent, Tinybeans and Best Reviews TV stations!

  • Best tool for sick toddlers and young children
  • The Tum&Bum puts them seated at angle in perfect alignment for combatting upper respiratory infections, persistent cough, allergies, and congestion
  • Cover with a towel and pillow for ultimate comfort before using
  • Grows with your child — use Tum&Bum as a lounge, or video gaming chair when your child gets older
  • For ages 2 to about 7-year-olds, not made for adults
  • Made from latex-free, hypoallergenic, medical-grade 100% polypropylene


A brand dedicated to artists, dreamers, and believers. Our range includes innovative chalkboard products, notably our vibrant liquid chalk markers, designed for aspiring sketchers, seasoned artists, entrepreneurs, DIY enthusiasts, and everyone in between.

Our products include liquid chalk markers that boast a spectrum of colors perfect for literally any surface. We also carry different chalkboard variations that offer endless opportunities for expressing art.

On top of the icing, our products are also perfect Easter basket essentials. Whether it’s decorating eggs, crafting seasonal messages, or simply doodling springtime scenes, these products are bound to bring joy to both children and adults.

Vivid Liquid Chalk Markers

  • Ignite inspiration with VersaChalk’s Vivid Liquid Chalk Markers!
  • 8 vibrant vivid shades in 5mm bold and 3mm fine tips that cater to the artist in you
  • Make bold and lively strokes that add magic to your creations
  • Crafted with premium, high-quality formula for lasting brilliance
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic, ensuring a safe and enjoyable artistic experience
  • Transform any non-porous surface into a captivating masterpiece

Elevate your artistry with colors that speak volumes! Bring chalk to life with the Vivid Chalk Marker Set!


For the little tech-savvy explorer, Vontélle sunglasses and blue light glasses are the perfect Easter basket surprise! With the perfect blend of function and fun, the frames come in a variety of colors and characters. Vontélle is also the first Black Women Owned and Operated Eyewear Company to obtain a licensing agreement from Nickelodeon.

Fairy Tales Hair Care

A sun, beach and pool essential — The Fairy Tales Sun & Swim line is specially formulated for treatment of kids’ summertime hair care. Natural ingredients like coconut oil and banana leaf extract hydrate and replenish dry, brittle, sun damaged hair. Aloe, B vitamins, and chamomile flower extract to detangle, restore softness, boost shine, and protect hair. Products are sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and nut-free, with no harsh chemicals or toxins. Color safe for mom’s hair too!


First-of-its-kind, multi-sensory, magnetic building toy that can be built in both 2D and 3D unlocking everyone’s imagination and creativity. The flexible pieces combine the magic of origami with the power of magnets to let kids build an infinite number of creations. With its stackable packing design and magnets keeping the pieces together with a click, Clixo is the perfect toy for kids — it’s mess-free, screen-free, and lets them explore creativity anywhere!

Apostrophe Puzzles

Puzzles are always a fun go-to, and this year Apostrophe Puzzles elevates our options with museum-quality jigsaw collections that celebrate the work of contemporary artists of color. With each puzzle based on an original painting, art collecting has never been easier! As a Black-owned, woman-led brand, Apostrophe’s curated collections showcase the talent, aesthetic, and perspective of artists of color. Since their founding in Brooklyn, their bold, colorful designs have been a breath of fresh air in an industry severely lacking in diversity. They also partner with nonprofits in communities of color, donating an additional percentage of each sale to expand arts accessibility and empower a new generation of emerging artists. These stunning and impactful puzzles are made of 100% recycled chipboard and printed with eco-friendly, non-toxic ink.

As we enjoy another season of Passover and Easter, let us carry with us the cherished memories created, the laughter shared, and the bonds strengthened within our mixed-faith families. May the toys and gifts exchanged serve as lasting reminders of the love and unity that permeate our homes during these special times. And as we look ahead to the future, let us continue to embrace the beauty of diversity, finding joy in the blending of traditions and the celebration of our unique family tapestries.

From our family to yours, may the spirit of Passover and Easter continue to inspire and uplift us all, uniting us in love, peace, and understanding.



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