Fresh Ideas to Brighten your Home for Spring

Zippy Sandler
9 min readMar 29, 2024

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It’s time to shake off those winter blues and welcome springtime vibes into your home with these fresh ideas that’ll put a smile on your face! Spruce up your space with some new home decor pieces — think vibrant cushions, playful wall art, and maybe even a cute succulent to add a touch of greenery. Next, swap out those heavy winter linens for lighter, brighter options that are light, airy, and all-around happy feeling. Add a burst of color and fragrance with fresh flowers in every room, and set the mood with some scented candles that transport you to a your favorite place (for me, it’s Paris in springtime). Don’t forget to channel your inner chef with a stylish apron as you whip up some seasonal, lighter delights in the kitchen. And while you’re at it, display your favorite photos in chic frames that add a personal touch to your space. Oh, and for a fun twist, why not treat yourself to a new pill case that adds a dose of whimsy to your daily routine (a great reminder to NOT forget)? I hope that with these fresh ideas, that your home will be blooming with springtime joy in no time!

The Bouqs Co

Best Gift that Keeps Giving, Best Gift for EVERYONE! The Bouqs Co Subscription: Fresh Flowers Delivered Monthly. Get a head start on spring with a flower subscription from The Bouqs Co., with a continuous supply of beautiful, fresh blooms delivered straight to your door. Flowers stay fresher longer because they’re shipped directly from the farm.

  • Best Value: Up to 30% off unique, seasonal flowers that are sustainably grown.
  • Flexible & Customizable: Choose your Bouq each month, or let us pick for you. Skip or cancel anytime.

Choose your flowers at The Bouqs Co

Saffron Marigold

English Garden Bedspread

Introducing the Saffron Marigold lightweight bedspread from the enchanting Our English Garden collection! Embrace the timeless charm of cottage pinks, foxgloves, primroses, and bluebells blooming in a picturesque tapestry, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of floral abundance in a beloved blue and white palette. Crafted with care, this bedspread is a testament to quality and comfort, boasting preshrunk, superior-grade cotton that invites you to sink into its embrace night after night.

The neat double-stitched hems ensure durability and a polished finish, while the single-sheet, lightweight design offers versatility for layering or standalone use. Hand-printed using intricately carved wooden blocks, each piece is a unique work of art, infusing your bedroom with character and charm. Bring the idyllic charm of an English garden into your home with this refreshing blue and white floral print, perfect for pairing with pink, lilac, and green for a classic cottage feel or accented with dashes of yellow, grey, and blue for a modern twist. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of style and comfort with this exquisite bedspread, destined to become a cherished addition to your home for years to come.

Royal Mansour ~ Moroccan Medallion Trellis White Shower Curtain

Transform your bathroom into an ethereal sanctuary with the Saffron Marigold shower curtain, featuring a mesmerizing print of white-on-white medallions reminiscent of the elegant latticework found in the grand palaces of Marrakesh. Crafted for both beauty and functionality, this 72″ square curtain is adorned with twelve neat buttonhole openings for effortless hanging, while its exquisite finish with double stitched hems speaks to its superior quality. Printed on preshrunk, superior grade, soft cotton and meticulously hand-printed using intricately carved wooden blocks, each curtain is a unique work of art that brings a touch of exotic elegance to your space.

Experience the therapeutic benefits of color and wash away the mundane with this handcrafted decorative fabric shower curtain, essential for transforming your bathroom into an oasis of tranquility. Don’t forget to pair it with a shower curtain liner to preserve its luxury and ensure lasting beauty.

Moonlight Makers

Elevate your kitchen decor with this “That’s Bananas” dish towel from Moonlight Makers. Hand-designed and printed in Asheville, NC, this 100% recycled cotton towel boasts both style and functionality. Crafted with non-toxic ink and owned by women, this small business takes pride in every detail. Enjoy its super absorbent nature after just a few washes. Make a statement in your kitchen — choose Moonlight Makers for a touch of charm in every corner.

“Sip Me Baby One More Time” dish towel

“Sweet Carrot Lime” dish towel


Freshen up your ride with the minimalistic and all-natural PURGGO car air eco-purifier & freshener! It’s made with pure and sustainable natural bamboo charcoal, which absorbs & eliminates odor instead of masking it. Fragrance- & allergen-free, the PURGGO is all-natural, non-toxic, and 100% asthma and allergy friendly.

PURGGO perfectly combines nature, science, and love. All the product contains is pure all-natural moso bamboo charcoal, one of the most renewable natural resources in the world and Mother Nature’s purifier, which has been carbonized and activated at 1110°F — 1300°F (600°C — 700°C). Bamboo charcoal is a tried and tested air cleanser that’s been used in Asian countries for thousands of years. On top of this, it lasts for 365+ days (longer lasting than any product available worldwide) and works continuously in the background!

Paddy Wax Candles

We create candles thoughtfully designed to set the tone for memories made within your spaces. We start with a story and build around it to create collections that add warmth and nostalgia to your home. Our candles are designed and sourced intentionally, featuring a mix of materials, textures, shapes, and unique fragrances to set the scene for beautiful memories made by candlelight.

Our candles are made with a clean-burning soy wax blend, alluring fragrance oils, and 100% cotton wicks, ensuring safe and long-lasting fragrances for your space.

Vegan, Free of animal-sourced ingredients, Sustainable, Always made with a second life in mind, Clean-burning, Soy-wax blend with no phthalates or formaldehyde.

Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab is the best online photo printing service for all your pictures, prints, wall decor and photo albums! Nations Photo Labs offers the sharpest images for heirloom quality photos turned into memories.

All images are printed on Kodak Professional Endura or Fujicolor Crystal Archive Super Type PDN photo paper, which means your pictures will last over 100 years in a typical home display.

  • Best quality photos: From color correction, to photo printing paper to, customer service
  • Over 60 sizes to choose from between all the different photo printing options available
  • Wirecutter lists them as a top-pick for online photo printing services

PCMag writes, “Nations Photo Lab produced the best quality prints among photo printing services we tested, and our test order arrived in extremely protective packaging.”

Park + Coop

Upcycled, recycled, sustainably saved denim turns into gorgeous gardening sleeves and craft sleeves for children and adults who want to keep their arms protected while gardening or cooking or baking in the kitchen! It’s a huge problem solver and genius product! Park + Coop is women-founded brand that also makes aprons, with mommy and me sizes, denim bags, tea towels, napkins and kitchenware! The heartbeat of Park + Coop resonates with sustainability. Park + Coop dives into local donation centers, rescuing previously worn denim. These fabrics, brimming with stories, are washed, sanitized, and transformed into premium kitchen and gardening essentials and fashion accessories. Over 70% of each old denim garment is recycled, a nod to their commitment to minimizing waste.


  • Machine-washable
  • Upcycled, recycled denim, locally sourced
  • Easy closures on aprons for little kids, no ties!
  • Woman-owned, mom-operated

Best-selling items include market bags, aprons, two-sided placements, and craft sleeves (used to protect arms/clothes from cooking messes, artwork, gardening). Donated denim waste materials are often destined for downcycling into items like rags or being shipped overseas, 40% of which find their way into an overseas landfill.

Park + Coop rescues that fabric and brings it home to their Minnesota shop. They do their best to salvage all the usable parts of a garment and to find responsible outlets for the unusable fabric scraps.

Heart Blaster

These goodies from Heart Blaster make the perfect addition to any tween’s easter basket! Heart Blaster is a kids and young adult brand that sells boys and girls clothes and accessories. In a changing world, they are bringing visual representation of friendship, love, and equality through their clothing.

  • HB Insulated Water Bottle- 32. Ounces, stainless steel / 24 hours temp shield insulation, wide mouth, bpa and phthalate free, and dishwasher safe.
  • HB Visor Dreamy Blue- Soft cotton twill, adjustable velcro, and hb 1.25 inch eco pvc tag
  • Black Top Slides- black and white faux leather in standard sizes

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The Looky Lou

More Smiles, Less Stress: Looky Lou Makes Family Photoshoots Fun for Everyone!

How much time do you spend scrolling through unusable photos of your little ones? Snap happier memories in less time with The Looky Lou, your cute new photo assistant! It’s a fun way to get kids to smile and is a must-have The perfect gadget gift to use on your phone or tablet.

Designed by parents, mom-preneur, Kaitlyn Trabucco and her husband struggled for years to get their children to look at the camera. They figured there had to be a better way and created this fun rattle that attaches to any device. It is a friendly lion character whose mane spins and rattles — Looky Lou sparks joy and gets kids to look and laugh! They also wrote a book that brings Lou the lion to life, and teaches children about belonging, shyness, and courage. When you smile at Lou, he becomes brave!

  • Made from baby-safe plastic
  • The lion’s mane spins and includes a built-in rattle
  • Looky Lou’s bright colors are engaging and designed to attract the attention of little ones
  • Designed to fit any phone or tablet
  • It clips to the side and has slanted legs to avoid camera lenses or flashes
  • The clip is thick enough to go over a case

Lou the lion-themed storybook, bundles, gift boxes (baby showers, birthdays, etc.), and extra cases are available.


For the traveler and the organizer! TikTok viral pill container with millions of likes on multiple videos

Cute label stickers for all your pills/vitamins/meds, even jewelry! Keep daily pills organized! Compact and easy to toss in your pocket, purse, or backpack! Great for travel! Durable design protects medication from falling out or mixing together! Eliminates the need for multiple bottles! Works to organize jewelry and similar products too! BPA-free and recyclable! PillyPal V1 features 10 compartments! PillyPal V2 features 8 larger compartments for convenience! Several colors to choose from.

I hope that these fresh ideas will help brighten and enliven your space. Whether you’re revamping your home office for a more inspired work environment or simply seeking to infuse your living space with the joy of the season, let these ideas serve as the catalyst for creativity and transformation. Cheers to a spring filled with endless possibilities and boundless beauty!



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