A more traditional Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Zippy Sandler
17 min readApr 21, 2023

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I have never thought of myself as a traditionalist. As a matter of fact, for a woman who’s almost 70, I actually live, dress, eat, and live a little on the edgier side. But, there’s something very special about a traditional Mother’s Day gift. Maybe it’s the history behind the gifts, maybe it’s just the fact that we remember those handmade cards that the kids brought home from school each year or the flowers that were bought last minute from the man selling out of the back of his truck all week, or that box of chocolates that you know they bought because they really wanted some themselves.

Mother’s Day is such a special day to celebrate the mothers and grandmothers in our lives. It’s a time to show them how much we appreciate all that they do for us. Whether your mom is a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a grandmother, she deserves to be pampered and treated to something special on her day. This gift guide is full of traditional Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to please any mom or grandmother. From flowers and chocolates to jewelry and perfume, there’s something for everyone on this list. So take some time to browse through the gift ideas and find the perfect present to show your mom how much you love her.

The Card


Lovepop is on a mission to create one billion magical moments.

They believe that love is the foundation for a brighter world, and it grows when it is shared. Every day, they pour their hearts into developing creative, meaningful, and fun ways for you to share your love with the people around you. They combine art and engineering to stretch the boundaries of the imagination and create magical pop-up cards and gifts that bring people together. Of course, Lovepop has created a beautiful array of Mother’s Day Cards that will delight any mom.

With beautiful pop-up flowers and even FULL SIZE pop-up bouquets in their pop-up vases, Lovepop does exactly what their names says…make LOVE POP.

  • Pick up cards for Mother’s Day and any occasion at Lovepop.com

Flowers & Plants

The Bouqs Co

I still get a thrill when the doorbell rings and there are flowers being delivered. It’s such a special (and unless I buy them for myself) rare occurrence. The Bouqs Co is a modern floral brand that connects people to farm-fresh flowers and the partners that grow them. They put the Bouq in Bouquet. From opening the box, to allowing mom the opportunity to see the perfectly placed notecard, and then follow the steps to design her Bouq just as she chooses it not only is beautiful but gives mom a little burst of a DIY moment too! No question, mom is full of feelings this year and always, The Bouqs Co makes the perfect gift for the person that has kept you ‘blooming’ all these years with great flowers like Mother’s Day Lilies

Now you can give her that special feeling ALL YEAR LONG with a Bouqs Co Subscription! YES, you can now send flowers on repeat to Mom every month of the year and let her know you are thinking of her 12 months long!!!

The Bouqs offers the most flexible subscription service! Just pick your frequency, pick the date (mom can skip a month, she can gift the month to a friend or pause when she may be traveling) with access to choose from a curated collection of The Bouqs from eco-friendly farms it makes for memorable unboxing every time! And to think — you can make mom smile every month of the year and hear her reaction to either the surprise bouquet you select or let her personalize her favorite every month. Once you begin to set up the subscription with mom’s info, The Bouqs Co will offer suggested arrangements and more.

I loved looking at how full my bouquet from The Bouqs Co is.

Promos that you don’t want to miss!

  • Mother’s Day Double Blooms (5/2–5/3) $20 off Deluxe Bouqs (select Bouqs only) Promo Code: 2XBLOOMS
  • Thank Your Mom Sale (5/4–5/5) One Click Roses-Mothers Day Roses 20% off Deluxe Promo Code: MOM20
  • Check them out at TheBouqs.com

Jackson & Perkins

This Mother’s Day, it’s time to stop and smell the roses! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving…she’ll remember each time her beautiful rose bush blooms that you sent her the most spectacular roses from Jackson & Perkins, the people we’ve known for roses for more than 150 years, and they have the perfect plants for every type of mom and mother figure in your life like these…

  • Best Rose for Moms who Love Perfume: The splendid Bella’roma hybrid tea rose is just as beautiful as its name suggests.
  • Best Rose for Inexperienced Gardener Moms: The Pope John Paul II hybrid tea rose is a favorite among rose lovers and a showpiece in the Vatican’s private garden.
  • Best Rose for Moms who Container Garden: The Soft Whisper hybrid tea rose is elegant and romantic, with its lush coral/pink-edged cream-colored blooms.

They arrive ready to plant.

I planted mine just this week and I can’t wait to see my hybrid tea rose, Elegant Lady flowers bloom in continuous flushes over a long season, from late spring to late fall. Borne singly, the 4- to 5-inch blooms have 30 to 35 ivory petals overlaid with a clear pink blush. The impeccably formed high-centered flowers have a sweet tea rose fragrance and sit atop sturdy stems, ideal for cutting. The medium to tall bush has an upright habit that works well in single plantings and mixed beds.

  • You’ll find roses and ALL of the flowers that mom wants in her garden at Jackson & Perkins

Garden for Wildlife native plant collections

For the mom who loves getting out in her garden, she will love anything from the Garden for Wildlife™ Native Plant Collection. When you purchase your gift from the National Wildlife Federation, you’re not just helping wildlife and the planet; you’re also supporting the hard-working small businesses in your region who they’ve partnered with to grow their native plants.

They select independent, regional growers who meet specific standards, like sustainable, chemical-free growing practices and experience growing native, local ecotype plant species. All of their growers have the ability to grow and sort mass plugs/starter plants as well as the capacity to safely pack and ship plants to their new homes…right to YOUR door. Best of all, for every plant purchased, Garden for Wildlife donates a plant to a community garden or public space in an underserved area.

Plans are shipped directly to your door (with FREE shipping) and include a free planting guide with tips from their experts . There are no harmful chemicals used on any of the plants and best of all, plants like the pollinators that I got, help wildlife and the PLANET (plus they bloom multiple seasons, year after year).

They arrive in protected planters.

In the kitchen with Mom

Vahdam Kitchen Essentials Spice Box

Mom is a culinary genius in the kitchen and she loves her creativity to shine with every meal that she makes.

This year VAHDAM India has expanded into spices with the launch of VAHDAM Spices, bringing authentic and delicious Indian spices to anyone who likes to add more flavor to their food and life. VAHDAM Spices have zero adulterants, pesticides, colors, or toxins. Because VAHDAM Spices are grown at the top farms in India, sealed fresh at the source, and brought directly to consumers’ households, they achieve a higher product potency and nutritional value.

The Kitchen Essentials Spice Box has the core spices anyone needs to start cooking including Turmeric Powder, Black Pepper powder, Clove whole, Cinnamon Powder, Ginger Powder, Cumin powder, Onion Powder, Garlic powder, and Himalayan Pink Salt.

The tins are so colorful and fun that she’ll want to keep them on the counter in between meals…ready to grab and use at a moment’s notice.

  • Pick up this great gift of spices or one of their beautiful sets of teas at Vahdam India

Butter Box

This is one of those “why did I never think of this?” gadgets that once she has, she’ll wonder how she ever got along without it. The ButterBox is a stylish, space-saving alternative to your traditional butter dish and is extra helpful to the moms out there who are looking to use less butter and stretch a dollar. We all know it’s so easy to just use a knife and dollop way more butter than is needed on to a pan during those busy family meal preps.

The kids and YES, even the GRANDKIDS can butter their own corn, toast, or whatever they’re eating with the ButterBox without the danger of picking up a knife as well, giving mom time to finish what she’s doing and allowing them to feel grown up about being able to do it themselves. At just $34.95, ButterBox is a hassle-free, airtight and upright butter dish and knife-free spreader. ButterBox was founded by busy California-based mom Trang Cao in response her wanting a more stylish, mess-free tool to do the cooking she loves; most notably her love of making crepes for her family.

  • Pick one up for Mom (and one for yourself while you’re at it) on Amazon


From thoughtful packaging to exceptional customer service, Fuudi.com truly goes above and beyond to ensure that each gift is a memorable experience. Their gourmet products are globally sourced from the finest makers and are carefully selected to provide a curated exploration of different types of cuisine. With their quarterly subscription boxes, customers can enjoy the excitement of discovering new and delicious ingredients and recipes, delivered right to their doorstep. For those seeking a truly exceptional gift-giving experience, Fuudi.com is the ultimate destination.

FYI, for moms like me who secretly crave chocolate of ALL kinds, the Craft Chocolate Gourmet Box is a must-have. They have gift boxes curated with food items from around the world (I am ordering the one from North Africa as I’ve always wanted to make tagine after eating it when I was in Paris).

Looking for something a little more lasting? Gift Mom a quarterly subscription to Fuudi. Every three months, Fuudi delivers premium subscription boxes full of exciting finds featuring a specific geographic location, culture, or theme and includes detailed recipes to help you create authentic, delicious meals in your own kitchen. This is not a single meal in a box but curated pantry staples that allow her to enjoy meals at home over and over again.

  • Check out all of the delicious options at Fuudi.com

Cookie Canvas

As pastry chef and author Amber Spiegel says: “Give a person a cookie, and they’ll enjoy for the moment — give them a cookie-making cookbook, and they’ll enjoy for a lifetime! Cookie Canvas includes delectable cookie recipes, like pumpkin spice, lemon and almond, chocolate, peanut butter, and more, and shows you how to decorate them with step-by-step instructions for all of the special occasions in life, or just for an anytime treat. For the sweets lover in your life, a confectionary cookbook really is the experiential gift that keeps on giving and will be popular for Mother’s Day and any time of year.”

I for one LOVE cookies, it’s something that you never grow too old of or too tired to make. Those delicious hand-held yummies make all of us feel like a kid again, whether we’re 8 or 80.

After too many years of celebrating from afar, Mother’s Day 2023 is going to be all about experiences — things we can do with Mom (and Grandma!) to bring us closer together! Bring on the baking party for the family with a sweet-tooth: Cookie Canvas by renowned Pastry Chef Amber Spiegel should be on everyone’s gift-buying shortlist — and makes for an amazing activity whether in person or from a distance on camera together with a super sweet (and Instagrammable!) finished product!

  • Best of all, you can pick it up and have it sent DIRECTLY to Mom from Ambers website

Make Her Feel Special

Beverly Hills Teuscher

If Mom loves great chocolate (and who doesn’t) Beverly Hills teuscher offers artisan-crafted Swiss chocolate truffles that she’ll absolutely LOVE. Beverly Hills teuscher is one of only 15 teuscher locations in the world of this #1 chocolatier (rated by National Geographic). Their world-renowned champagne Truffles are made exclusively with a Dom Pérignon cream center and are perfect for a moment of luxury, along with a glass of bubbles! Now isn’t THAT the experience you want mom to have on her special day?

The Teuscher family began hand-crafting fine truffles and chocolates in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Keeping with a 90-year tradition, Beverly Hills teuscher offers extraordinary truffles made in Switzerland.

Some of Hollywood’s leading tastemakers have discovered Beverly Hills teuscher including Kris Jenner, Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino, Clint Eastwood, Adam Sandler, Susan Sarandon, Terrance Howard, Lisa Rinna and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Megan Hilty, SNL’s Cecily Strong, Chrissy Teigen, Jon Lovitz, artist David Hockney, John Salley and Oprah’s bestie Gayle King…and now YOU!

Artizan Joyeria

Whether Mom is the tee-shirt and jeans type or she dons herself from head to toe in designer fashion she is going to love the Herradura Bangle! Inspired by Artizan Joyeria’s best-selling necklace, this stunning piece is designed to bring good luck to its wearer. The horseshoe is a powerful symbol of good fortune and prosperity, and this bangle is the perfect way to wear that positive energy on your wrist. Crafted with the highest quality materials, this bangle is both elegant and durable. It’s the perfect accessory for any occasion.

For the earthier Mom who loves silver the bracelet comes in 18K gold plated 316L Stainless steel silver color, if she likes a warm gold color there is a bangle for her, or if she’s like me and mixes her metals, well, you can pick up a mix of the gold & silver like mine.

FYI, I just love the way that it opens up (it feels like a magic box).

Wick + Glow

Mom is always complaining about the dog smell or the fact that the grandkids leave their dirty socks on the floor when they come over after a soccer game. Help her to make her world smell delicious with candles from Wick & Glow Candle Company, a female-led, black-owned company based out of Bloomfield, NJ, that creates 100% hand-poured, soy wax candles and names them after ’90s and 00’s R&B songs.

Each candle has a burn time of 30–40 hours, with an array of about 30 candle products with 6 scents in 3 wicks available. They also offer room sprays and diffusers. And as an added bonus, they give customers access to their special playlists.

All of the candles are soy wax, made in reusable containers with cotton wicks, and their fragrances are phthalate-free for a clean, fragrant, yet cruelty-free burn. With custom blended scents like White Gardenia and Jasmine, and Lavender and Sandalwood, and beautiful blends like Mango and Coconutmilk, White Sage Lavender and Chamomile, and White Tea and Ginger, you’re sure to find a scent that Mom will love.


You’ve seen me talk about FragranceNet.com many times before. Why? Because it is truly the best, most affordable place to buy the top fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and more. Since finding FragranceNet I’ve completely stopped going to the Mall for my designer fragrances and with gift sets for Mom at up to 80% off right now, you could buy one for Mom and one for You at for less than ONE at the regular department store.

All of the products showcased throughout FragranceNet.com are 100% original brand names. They only carry genuine brand-name perfumes, colognes, and beauty products. Absolutely NO imitations or knock-offs and ALL AT FABULOUS PRICES that I’ve not seen anywhere else.

My picks for this year…

You get FREE SHIPPING throughout the US.

Caroline’s Cakes

I just discovered my newest obsession! Caroline’s Cakes is known for its distinctly Southern layer cakes and specialty foods made from treasured family recipes. The legendary caramel cake recipe is a time-honored tradition made-by-hand with a delicate process and careful attention to detail. Founded by Caroline Ragsdale Reutter over 20 years ago, the company is now run by her son Richard Reutter at the helm. Caroline’s Cakes offers a selection of Southern food specialties, cake bites, and over 30 layer cake flavors that ship nationwide in their signature red tin.

I recently tried both their signature caramel cake as well as my husband’s FAVORITE coconut cake. They were such a hit that I’m never baking again (nor am I spending money at my local bakery because it just doesn’t compare). Yes, they do sell two half cakes like I got for people who can’t make up their mind (or if you’re entertaining a smaller group and want to offer a couple of selections).

FYI the cakes come in 4-layer and 7-layers, and I can tell you that the cakes are light and fluffy with dense sweet icing (you’ll only need a small slice of the caramel cake).

  • Check out all of the cakes (many varieties are available Gluten Free) at Carolines Cakes

Dressed & Ready to Go

Stormy Kromer

What is more classic for the casually classic Mom than Buffalo Plaid? The new 2024 spring/summer line from Stormy Kromer features great beach throws and this Stormy Kromer Wax Cotton Tote.

[caption id=”attachment_59708" align=”aligncenter” width=”400"]

Set her up for the day with a beach throw in her new wax cotton tote.[/caption]

With summer a mere month after Mom’s special day she’ll be heading to the beach or pool and you know she’ll need a tote. No worries with this paraffin-treated, 100% cotton duck bag. It repels splashes, spills, and the random rainstorm, has plenty of pockets, and is big enough to carry everything she needs.

Set her up for those great beach days with this tote and a beach throw to pop into it for impromptu sunsets on the sand.

Ayla & Co

Meet Ayla & Co., the designers of chic and versatile vegan leather bags, suited for everyone and their different needs! The brand offers three sizes/styles with the capability to wear them all in several different ways, proving their versatility by easily going from day to night — Fanny Pack, Mini Bag, & Full-Size Bag.

Not to mention, Fanny Packs are making a huge comeback, especially for Mom, and for good reason- they just simply make life easier! Having direct access to everything you need right at your hip will save you time digging into the bottomless pit of those non-shape handbags. In addition to its modern and stylish design, and 7 fab year-round colors, the Fanny Pack includes a removable credit card wallet, a key leash, and a pass-through pocket designed specifically for an Ayla Battery Power Bank to connect to your phone so you stay connected and fully charged wherever life takes you.

I never thought that I’d wear a Fanny Pack again, but Ayla & Co. changed all that (plus it’s great tossed crossbody across your back).

The Evolve Top from Encircled

Surprise your mom this Mother’s Day with the ultimate gift of style and sustainability — the Evolve Top by Encircled. This versatile and luxurious top can be worn in eight different ways, allowing your mom to showcase her creativity and unique sense of style while reducing her wardrobe footprint. Made from a soft, eco-friendly blend of Lenzing TENCEL® and Spandex, the Evolve Top is not only comfortable and wrinkle-resistant but also ethically produced in Toronto, Canada. Give your mom the gift of endless fashion possibilities with the Evolve Top, and let her know you appreciate her elegance and her love for the environment.

I love a splash of color like this Bright Magenta Evolve in Tencel, but it also comes in

  • Periwinkle Tencel
  • Warm White Tencel
  • Black Tencel
  • Forest Green Modal
  • Cinnamon Modal
  • Sapphire Blue Modal
  • Navy Blue Modal
  • Black Modal
  • White Tencel
  • Deep Teal Tencel
  • Powder Blue Tencel

Sizes range from XS to 4X and you can twist, snap and wear this top so many ways. You can wear it all week long and each time it can look like a different top!

  • It’s a great top to add to Mom’s wardrobe from Encircled

We’ve got a LOT more great Mother’s Day Gift Guides coming in the next two weeks, including

  • COOL MOM Gift Guide
  • Gifts for the Mom who likes to keep busy
  • Gifts for the expectant and first-time mom
  • Mommy Needs a drink
  • The Mom needs a break (me days and spa days for mom)

Let me know if there’s anything that YOU bought for mom this year from any of our guides, or there’s just something that you bought that you know LOTS of moms would love.



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